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Travelling Overseas? Here Are The Best SKINARMA Carries For Your Holiday Needs

Planning a getaway? Travel in style while remaining organised with SKINARMA. Whether you’re planning a business trip, an extended vacation, or a casual outing, we have the perfect carries for you. Explore our top picks as you get ready to jet set for your next holiday.

1. FARDEL Backpack

man wearing a backpack

Gearing up for a big outdoor trip? Your travel necessities now have a stylish home on the go - perfect for the urban explorer. The backpack’s boxy, spacious interior offers plenty of space for a change of clothes and a pair of comfortable shoes. Need additional space for your toiletries to wash up afterwards? It’s got you covered too. Meanwhile, the expanded side pockets leave plenty of room for your water bottle, ensuring you stay hydrated throughout the day.

2. FARDEL Utility Tote Bag

woman holding fardel utility tote bag

Travel smart and travel in style with FARDEL’s wide-fit tote bag. Roomy and durable, it is the ultimate carry-all for the ones who carry on, ready to be by your side from street-side explorations to boarding gate sprints. With various inner compartments and an integrated laptop sleeve pocket, it is ideal for all your travel essentials, big or small, whether you’re travelling for work or vacation.

3. COMET Clutch Bag

man wearing comet clutch bag

For the fashion-forward travellers who want to keep things minimal, the COMET clutch bag is the sleek secret to your travel savvy. Because in the rush of travel, every second counts, and COMET ensures your bare essentials – passport, smartphone, and wallet – are always within reach. Strap it around your wrist or sling it over your shoulder as a crossbody bag, it’s all about being effortlessly efficient, just like your travel plans.

4. COMET Card Holder

man and woman holding comet card holder

You’ve got places to be. Let COMET’s card holder keep your load light and your hands free. It’s the no-fuss, all-function carry-on you need for the bare essentials. Cards, cash, and you’re ready to go. Hook it or clip it with the carabiner clip so that it never weighs you down without losing sight of it.

Travel with confidence and style with SKINARMA. We have also got much more coming your way soon. Join our SKRM community and be the first to know about our latest crossbody sling bags, tote bags, and more.