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Bold Statements: Redefine Street Style With SKINARMA's Oversized Graphic Tees

Oversized tees are all about loose and baggy fit. Whether you're chilling at home or out with friends, we have got you covered with our oversized shirts. Let’s dive into four standout pieces from our collection: HEX, ALPHA, HYPERION, and GLYPH. Each brings its own style to the table, so there’s something for everyone.

1. HEX

Skinarma HEX

A study in minimalism, HEX never fails to make a statement. Crafted for an effortlessly cool, relaxed fit, HEX is your go-to for pairing with statement bottoms or chains and necklaces. Take your pick from a range of colourways, embrace the simplicity, and let your style speak volumes.


Skinarma ALPHA

Drawing inspiration from the fast-paced world of street racing, ALPHA is for those into retro jerseys while desiring the comfort of baggy tees. Elevate the racetrack-inspired look and let the bold front and back t-shirt graphic designs shine with some track pants or parachute cargos.



Illuminate your style with the futuristic flair of HYPERION. This oversized shirt, complete with eye-catching sleeve designs, channels the vibrant, eclectic aesthetics of Japanese street fashion, ensuring you look effortlessly cool while embracing your signature style. Complete the ensemble with skinny jeans, a leather jacket, or chunky boots.


Skinarma GLYPH

Cruise through town in style while keeping it minimal with GLYPH. Offering a clean yet bold look that stands out without being overwhelming, GLYPH is all about making a subtle fashion statement, ideal for those who value simplicity with a twist. Pair it with your favourite sneakers and some cargos, and you’re all set.

Check out our latest collection of oversized tees. Whether you’re into minimalism or bold designs, there’s something for everyone. Join our SKRM community and be the first to learn about our latest offerings.